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[an error occurred while processing this directive] Advertise & Donate is a Magic: The Gathering site that is continously getting bigger, better, and drawing more attention. To help, donations and advertisements are needed to help the site to continue to expand.

Make all checks payable to "Matthew Manley" and email for the address to send checks and/or cash.

Advertise has established itself as one of the best Magic sites around. However, just because the site is great doesn't mean we try to rip you off in ad prices like sites charging up to $40 a month! Plus, Phyrexia has unique stuff you can't get anywhere else: the spoiler+ section, Weatherlight Saga, storyline encyclopedia, and one of the top MTG ezines!
Our advertisement rate is at a very low price (don't let this offer pass you up, prices will not remain this low forever):
1 Month: $25.00 (€30)
2 Months: $45.00 (€50)
3 Months: $60.00 (€65)
Ads must be under 15 kilobytes and animation is not only allowed, but encouraged! The better looking the banner, the more click-thrus! For best look, banners should be 468 pixels in width and 60 in height. They will be on every page except for the discussion board which will be a text link.
Email for the address to send money/checks to.

If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to email the webmaster.

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