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[an error occurred while processing this directive] Phyrexian Combos

Phyrexian Combos contains some of the greatest, coolest, and deadliest combos that you can do with your Magic cards. Email some of your own to the webmaster, but be sure to list which categories the combos go in, with your name as you want it to appear and your email. The combos are arranged in these categories:
Card Drawing
Creature Pumping
Creature Killing
Damage Dealing
Mana Making
Standard (Type 2) Legal
(not yet changed for Classic (Sixth) Edition)

Big update coming in July! Hundreds of new combos!

I would like to thank these people who've sent in a few combos:

Justin MeyersCarnophageRonal Abarquez
AdamTim OlemannKancheff
Matt TilmanRobbyVecom
Nick SpinellaOdyRobbie Mex
Tom RollinsUruram TururamCjjlhc
S. G.CoryRaven
Duck ZapperJonathan ElfstromJW Gamer
Adam FelkerMcKeeEj Johnson
JeffRicardo RalonBryan Ong
ArtanisShivan CowJames Coakley
Philippe De GuiseJames ClarkeLarry
CarnacGilthanasGreg Genega
PokéleaderSteven MolnarTurtle
William A. NinTedsing TaiSasa Milovic
merFOLKAllen TanTom King
Patrick NoonanTony DiplockAlient
SoulwindETs ElfSon of Gix
Tern GraceArtanisPace
TechnoG MakaiJames Martin
Georg RennerStan LipkowskiCrackHobbit
Thomas BarkerRichard CalderaAaron Duvall
Ertai, Wizard AdeptErauqsKlawd and Lotus
CdtsoultrpChemical ßrother
If you've sent in combos and not listed here, check the Credits section.
Copyright © 1998 - 2014 and Matthew Manley