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[an error occurred while processing this directive] K'rrick of Phyrexia

Quick Status — K'rrick
BirthplacePhyrexia, Fourth Sphere
Borncirca -1300-3346 AR (Argivian Reckoning)
Diedcirca 3346-3360 AR
Lifeform TypeSleeper agent (Phyrexian newt)

Written by member Evercursed

"We had years to prepare, while they had mere minutes."

Urza’s defense plans for Dominaria took thousands of years to perfect. It was a plan that involved the construction of Dominaria’s defenders, the creation of a set of tools that could eventually destroy a god. To put his plan into operation, Urza built an academy on the island of Tolaria. He recruited thousands of young minds to train in the use of magical arts and artifice. But Urza’s grand plan would have been failed if a Phyrexian by the name of K’rrick had succeeded.

The Phyrexian known as K’rrick started off as a simple sleeper agent by the name of Kerrick. Kerrick was created in the Fane of Flesh, a massive vat in the Fourth Sphere of Phyrexia. He was sent to Dominaria to serve the role of spy for Yawgmoth. However, Kerrick would live to be more. He would rise to become one of Urza Planeswalker’s most formidable enemies.

Washed ashore on Tolaria, Kerrick appeared as a young sailor, ragged and weary after his ordeals at sea. As Kerrick quickly found out, it proved to be a promising façade that disguised his true nature. The sleeper agent was soon discovered and befriended by a young Ghitu scholar named Jhoria. Kerrick soon found that one of the rules of Tolaria was that adults were not permitted to enter the island for the fear of sleeper agents infiltrating the academy, doubtlessly an order imposed by the paranoid Urza. The sleeper agent was both amazed and relieved that Jhoria would keep his existence a secret.

Jhoria’s honest intentions proved to be Kerrick’s greatest blessing. Under the cover of darkness, Kerrick would sneak into the academy and steal powerstones and maps to present to his Phyrexian overlords. Eventually, Kerrick managed to summon the dreaded Phyrexian negators to aid him in his schemes. All was set for an invasion that the scholars of Tolaria would not even know about.

"The passage is here. Bring the full company of negators. I will be sure the way is open. I will be sure the guards on the wall are dead."

Catastrophe struck before the invasion could even take place. Kerrick was discovered by a wretched silver golem and his life could have been ended if a sudden blast hadn’t obliterated the academy, throwing the time zones of Tolaria into chaos. In that split second, Tolaria was divided into several fast and slow time zones. The academy was no more.

Grim Monolith, by Chippy On what was left of Tolaria, Kerrick and his Phyrexian minions found themselves trapped inside a fast time zone. For every minute that passed in the outside world, years passed for them. Kerrick sent half of his negators to investigate but they were quickly ripped apart by the temporal abnormalities of the fast time zones. Thus, Kerrick set to work, transforming his prison into his new fortress. In less than ten years of normal time, hundreds of years passed for Kerrick. He had built a mighty fortress in that time, as well as creating a formidable army of hundreds. He had also renamed himself K’rrick, improving his weak body with grafted muscles and spikes. He added venomous spines to his hands and infused his torso with a black steel frame, armor just as cold and unforgiving as the Phyrexian himself. Soon, he would unleash his forces onto the rest of Tolaria, and then the rest of Dominaria. Before long, Dominaria would submit before the glorious vision of Yawgmoth.

Sleeper's Guile, by Daren Bader Years passed for K’rrick and five generations of negators had failed to breach the temporal fissure that trapped them inside Giant’s Pate. K’rrick had over two hundred minions under his control but continuous efforts to break out were unsuccessful. However, something alarmed K’rrick more than his failures—Urza Planeswalker and his pathetic students had returned to Tolaria and were building a new academy. K’rrick knew that they needed to be eliminated lest they interfered with his plans.

Unfortunately for the sleeper agent, Urza attacked before he did. An accursed airship flew above Giant’s Pate, unleashing its load of explosives onto the glorious Phyrexian fortress. Hundreds of minions were killed, but their loss was of no consequence to K’rrick. As long as he had his vats, more could be created to replace the dead. Though his forces sustained heavy damage from Urza’s bombardment, K’rrick knew that he had time on his side. Within a week, his forces would recover. Within a month, they would double. He knew that soon, he would have his revenge on the hated Urza.

Ostracize, by Chippy "As for the rest of you, put out those fires. And keep watching for more onslaughts. Anyone injured will be killed. Anyone killed will be defiled. It is your duty to fight and to live."

After years of effort, K’rrick’s sixth batch of negators finally managed to breach the time bubble. Though they were badly damaged, the next batch would be even better. They would storm the academy and bring an end to Urza’s incessant meddling. But again, Urza assailed the time bubble, this time with mechanical falcons. K’rrick’s phyrexians managed to overpower the falcons and the sleeper agent even managed to set Urza’s own creations on him. Before K’rrick’s forces could bring an end to the troublesome planeswalker, he was rescued by the wretched silver golem, Karn.

"Children of Phyrexia, scions of the greater god Yawgmoth and his son K'rrik, newts and negators and spawn of time, behold the man who brought us here. Behold the man who opened for us the gateway to this new paradise, to Dominaria. He has a long, honorable history of aiding our coming domination. In the caves of Koilos, he and his brother Mishra sundered the powerstone that had locked us away from Dominaria, thus opening the way for us. During Urza's subsequent war against his brother Mishra, followers of our patriarch Gix were welcomed into both armies, and Gix even made a Phyrexian out of Mishra. When Urza learned of his brother's conversion, he was so delighted, he loosed a catastrophe across Dominaria to slay its greatest armies, sink its mightiest nations, and soften the way for us to invade. He forsook his world, his trusted associate Tawnos, and even his own son, Harbin, all of which we have inherited."

"Now, our eternal champion, our spy in Dominaria and throughout all the planes has come to us. He has come to pay homage to Yawgmoth and the Son of Yawgmoth—K'rrik. He has come to grant us the world! He has given us his brother, his associate, his son, his best friend, and now, he gives us himself. Once he is dead, no one on Dominaria can stand against us."

Urza’s escape did little to K’rrick’s plans. Instead, the captured falcon engines gave K’rrick more resources to equip his army. With the seventh batch of negators completed, K’rrick’s forces were ready to storm the academy. This time, the pathetic humans would feel the wrath of K’rrick, Yawgmoth Incarnate. K’rrick’s forces were met with limited resistance in the forms of artifact engines. The engines were no match for mighty Phyrexian claws. Urza was nowhere to be seen. Victory was imminent.

No Mercy, by Mark Tedin K’rrick’s Phyrexians relentlessly assailed the academy but they were driven back by magic. For weeks, the negators tried to enter the academy, only to be destroyed by wizards. Furious, K’rrick ordered a full frontal assault, emptying his fortress for the last ditch effort to take the academy. Nobody could resist Phyrexia’s fury and survive. Nobody but Urza Planeswalker. At last, Urza arrived to confront K’rrick. The planeswalker entered K’rrick’s fortress and destroyed one of the four vats used to create new soldiers. Urza thought he was triumphant. K’rrick thought Urza was foolish to have just walked into his trap.

K’rrick unleashed his captured falcon engines onto the startled planeswalker. As long as the falcon engines attacked Urza, the planeswalker would be vulnerable to a killing blow. K’rrick had won. Dominaria’s only hope of salvation was being weakened by his own creations. Nothing could stand in the way of Yawgmoth’s great victory.

"After your last visit, Urza, I knew your weakness. Keep you near to death, and you cannot escape. Ballistae bolts and sword strokes are too clumsy, though. They leave moments of lucidity, and one moment is all it takes, This solution is much safer-and a nice piece of poetry. Thank you for the falcon engines. I have forty more, stationed around the gorge, should you succeed in planeswalking."

"That was your great mistake, Urza, coming here the first time. It taught us everything we needed to know. That has always been your great mistake, Urza, stumbling into our realm, letting us look you over, and then retreating while we prepared what we needed to kill you. You did it first in Koilos, and we followed you out. You did it again in Phyrexia, and we followed you out. You led us to Serra's Realm, you know. We attacked and invaded. They think they eventually defeated us, but we're still there. We've never left. We never leave a place, once you lead us to it. We've been engineering the transformation of Serra's Realm. The angels think they rule it still, but it is ours. It is one of our staging grounds for the full-scale invasion of your world."

"We've never left this place, either, and now, today, we have taken this island from you."

K’rrick taunted Urza about his failures. However, K’rrick’s victory was short-lived. With the last of his powers and the help of Multani, the Avatar of Yavimaya, Urza managed to planeswalk right into K’rrick, destroying the ancient sleeper agent and ending his threat to Dominaria for all time.

Copyright © 1998 - 2014 and Matthew Manley