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Webmaster's Note: These are the people, magazines, and sites that previously helped (then called Darkmage's Magic: The Gathering Webpage).

Helpful Sites
Magic: The Internet Club
This site promoted my interest in Magic and gave me the position of senior tracer. They also mirrored Darkmage's Magic: The Gathering Webpage.
Magic Card Pictures
This site has been the source for most of the card pics seen here.
Wizards of the Coast, Inc.
Wizards of the Coast provided official lists and news that was necessary for the development of
Helpful Magazines
InQuest Gamer
This magazine promotes several different aspects of Magic. Many sections were founded from these ideas.
The Duelist: The Official TCG Magazine from WotC
This magazine has expert analysis of many elements that aren't found anywhere else.
Helpful People
Nick McGirr (Email - Site)
"Nixta" provided my start in Magic continuity with my job as senior tracer of his site, which once became one of the best sites ever.
Adam Chance Hollaway (Email - Author of Deck Archetype article Lost Archives)
"Meretan" provided fiction, card ideas, articles, and more for my site. He is one of my biggest helpers.
Eric Weinstock (Email - Site)
"TNT" has provided the art for the Weatherlight Saga and Card Lists sections as well as being my best technical advisor.
Maarten van Beek (Email - Site)
"Atel" is an advisor and a rules lawyer, and is now a DCI Level II judge.
Richard Garfield, PhD Creator of Magic: The Gathering
On here for creating Magic: The Gathering. This game has given countless millions of people many hours of fun that they wouldn't normally have had. Without him, this page and hundreds of other Magic related webpages would never exist.

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