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General Discussion - First Sphere January 24 - 02:45 pm

Magic Talk - Magic community opinions and debates on latest news. One of few spheres capable of supporting non-compleat visitors.

Deck Help - Second Sphere March 26 - 03:14 pm

Deck Help - The armies of Phyrexia gather their skills and decks to crush to opposing forces. Here the planners and beginners build their greatest armaments.

Buy/Trade/Sell - Third Sphere April 12 - 07:55 am

Buy/Trade/Sell - The reprocessor, where you may trade or sell your useless pieces of decks for powerful replacements.
Warning: No guarantee on the trustworthyness of people or deals made in this forum.

The Vats - Fourth Sphere May 03 - 05:57 pm

Non-Magic Talk - The vats are for non-Magic discussions. Moderators here will also help you with problems you have in the Phyrexian Forum.

The Fuel of Phyrexia - Fifth Sphere April 23 - 04:18 am

Misc. - Join in the fellowship of Phyrexia. Create cards, write stories, discuss strategies and much more. This section is for you and others to enjoy.

Dominarian Chronicles - Sixth Sphere March 25 - 03:54 pm

Storyline - Discuss your favorite legends, planes, and other characters from the storyline of Magic. WotC continuity department will officially answer questions from time to time.

The Inferno of Phyrexia - Seventh Sphere April 25 - 02:48 am

Flames - Let all who dare defile one another find enlightenment in this sphere. Beware the monstrosities that can survive the flames.

The Inner Circle - Eighth Sphere October 04 - 04:15 am

News - News and information from Phyrexia.com. Read about updates, see previews of upcoming sections, and learn about the Inner Circle Staff of Moderators in the Phyrexian Forum.

Forum of the Ineffable - Ninth Sphere September 21 - 03:48 am

Questions - Let Yawgmoth's will be upon us all. Send in questions for answers. Read his postings.

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