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Monthly Online Magazine • Volume II, Issue XI • May 2000

Breach, by Greg Staples Special

The Gate to Phyrexia StaffWe Know We're Late...

We're Late [Read]

What's taken us so long?

Sleeper Agent, by Randy GallegosRegular

Matthew Manley, Phyrexian preatorGix's Lair: Monthly News

May 2000 [Read]

The latest news on what's going on in the world of Magic.

Nicholas Rupprecht - false pictureLost Archives - Decks

The Cereal Decks [Read]

This issue—The Cereal Decks: Fruity Pebbles, Wheaties, and Cocoa Pebbles and how they changed the Magic environment.

Rob Mattis - false pictureOriginality Counts

Part 11 [Read]

A deck building article series for those with an imagination and an open mind. Copy cats and poseurs would not appreciate this and should go elsewhere.

Phylum, Sleeper Agent - false pictureHow to Eviscerate a Magic Player

Are You Worthy? [Read]

A brand new article series on Magic with a dark-sided twist.

Mike Jarvis - false pictureSpirit of the Game

Of a Different Breed [Read]

What type of Magic player are you?

Ulrich and Helva - false pictureOverlooked Cards

Legendary Enchantments [Read]

The Legends set has a slew of great cards for those looking for something besides Type II. Check this article for a few unappreciated (and inexpensive) gems.

That Pooka - false pictureMonthly Humor

Now every other issue, coming back next month

That Pooka's crazy adventures with Urza, the Phyrexian Walker..

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