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Check out the entire Weatherlight Saga's story, through card art from the sets themselves!

Pilot Set

Weatherlight (17 pictures)
- Read Rath and Storm, edited by Peter Archer
In this portion of the saga, Sisay is captured into a plane called Rath. Gerrard gathers a crew on the flying ship, the Weatherlight to battle on in his way of freeing his friend, Sisay.
The Rath Cycle
Tempest (49 pictures)
- Read Rath and Storm, edited by Peter Archer
In this portion of the saga, Gerrard and the Weatherlight crew enter Rath. They are attacked by the Rathi flagship, the Predator, let by Commander Greven il-Vec. He is a traitor of the Vec people, and went to the ruler of Rath, Volrath. Karn and Tahngarth are trapped onboard the Predator. Karn loses the Legacy to moggs, a subrace of goblins. Crovax sees his now fallen angel Selenia. Gerrard falls overboard, and begins to plan an attack on Volrath's stronghold, with help from the Vec humans and the Skyshroud elves.
Stronghold (34 pictures)
- Read Rath and Storm, edited by Peter Archer
In this portion of the saga, Gerrard invades the stronghold, rescues Karn, Tahngarth, Sisay, and Starke's daughter Takara. Karn gets back the Legacy. Crovax kills Selenia, and is cursed to become a vampire. "Volrath" and Gerrard have a fight, with Gerrard winning, but unfortuneately, the "Volrath" is just a clever shapeshifter, with help from the real Volrath. It leaves off with the Vec and Skyshroud elves attacking, and Gerrard still being in the stronghold...
Exodus (16 pictures)
- Read Rath and Storm, edited by Peter Archer
In this portion of the saga, the Vec, Kor, Dal, and Skyshroud elves have taken down Volrath's empire, and Ertai and the Soltari have opened the portal. The Weatherlight uses a Legacy artifact to beat the Predator to it, and then guest star, the 4200+ year old planeswalker artificer Urza appears, closes the portal, and leaves the accursed vampire Crovax along with Mirri, and Ertai in Rath. And that's where we leave off...
The Artifacts Cycle
Urza's Saga (62 pictures)
- Read Planeswalker, by Lynn Abbey
Over 4200 years ago the Brothers' War shook the continent of Terisiare. Urza became a planeswalker with a goal to destroy Phyrexia—the responsible party for the death and downfall of his brother Mishra. Follow Urza's attempts in the final days of Argoth, the meeting of Xantcha, the nearly suicidal ambush on Phyrexia, the retaliation from the Phyrexians on Serra's Realm, the founding of the Tolarian Academy, and the discovery of the mana rig in Shiv. 4000 years of adventure, one story to tell...Urza's saga.
Urza's Legacy (30 pictures)
- Read Time Streams, by J. Robert King
Urza Planeswalker, or as he's known to his Tolarian academy students, Master Malzra, has created an academy to teach Dominaria's best to-be wizards the powers of magic. Trouble strikes when Kerrick, a Phyrexian sleeper agent comes to the island. Urza not only has to defeat Kerrick and his army of Phyrexian negators, but pay for his crimes of Argoth in the forest of Yavimaya, as well as create the Weatherlight and free the people from Serra's realm from the iron claws of the archangel, Radiant.
Urza's Destiny (17 pictures)
- Read Bloodlines, by Loren Coleman
Urza has a plan for an heir to his legacy, but will Rath's new evincar Davvol stop him? The Keldons fight on and Barrin becomes married..
The Masquerade Cycle
Mercadian Masques (36 pictures)
- Read Mercadian Masques, by Francis Lebaron
The Weatherlight crew escape from Rath only to meet the plane of Mercadia. With the Weatherlight taken by the Cho-Arrim, the crew arrested, the goblin Squee being treated as royalty, meeting the ancient being Ramos, the truth about what happened to Volrath, and the secret hangar underneath Mount Mercadia, you can follow Captain Sisay and Commander Gerrard Capashen's fight for their best, last, and only hope to save Dominaria from Phyrexia's conquest.
Nemesis (Unknown)
- Read Nemesis, Paul Thompson
Coming soon
Prophecy (Unknown)
- Read Prophecy, Vance Moore
Coming soon
The Invasion Cycle
Invasion (Unknown)
- Read Invasion
After eons of plotting beyond time and space, the horrifying Phyrexians have come to reclaim the homeland that once was theirs. Now all of Dominaria must rally against them, as Urza the planeswalker and his followers fight to preserve the future against the terrors of Phyrexia.
Coming soon
Planeshift (Unknown)
- Read Planeshift
Coming soon
Apocalypse (Unknown)
- Read Apocalypse
Coming soon

For more detailed reading, try the novels Rath and Storm, Planeswalker, Time Streams, Bloodlines, Mercaidan Masques, Nemesis, and Prophecy. They are available through the Phyrexian Bookstore.

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