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Weatherlight Saga - Urza's Saga

Claws of Gix, by Henry G. HiggenbothamLong, long a plane far, far away...there were two brothers: Urza and Mishra. They're raging battle engulfed the entire continent of Terisiare and destroyed kingdoms. The Brotherhood of Gix brought forth an evil Phyrexian praetor by the name of Gix. At Koilos, the secret heart of the Thran, they schemed at how to destroy the brothers and take over Dominaria. Gix lost his hand in a battle, yet the Brotherhood kept it. Here, continues the story of the Brothers' War....
Fertile Ground, by Heather HudsonFar away from the war, Gaea has created a lush green island full of life. The faeries, elves, centaurs, and treefolk destroy all intruders of this paradise.
Crosswinds, by Randy Elliott"Whoa! What a ride!" shouted Harbin as his ornithopter broke free of the winds. There, before his eyes, was a lifetime's supply of lumber to fuel Urza's side to victory and have the strongest military power in Terisiare. His ornithopter set down on the beach as he began to fix his damaged ornithopter. He needed some wood to match a piece of the ornithopter, and an elf guard secretly helped him find a piece. The penalty for the death of a tree in Argoth is death. With the ornithopter fixed, Harbin began to fly home to father...home to Urza. There, he would tell Urza of his find and how he could finally defeat his evil brother.
Exploration, by Brian SnoddyA fleet of ships were sent and passed Gaea's protective winds. Dozens of people came from the ships and couldn't wait to cut down the trees for their precious wood. Mishra's group heard of the land too. They also sent out ships. Now the elf realized her mistake and the costs of failure.
Hidden Ancients, by Daren BaderHowever, the forest was determined to defend itself against the humans. The treefolk alerted the rest of the forest: faeries, elves, centaurs, and more.
Forest, by Anthony S. WatersTree after tree were cut down. The declaration for war had been sealed.
Mobile Fort, by Mark TedinGreat machines were made to cut down the trees.
Hidden Guerillas, by Christopher MoellerThe elves couldn't stand it any more—they need to make a powerful force and fight back for everything they've lost! Ambush attacks were everywhere, yet still, the machines ran.
Greater Good, by Pete VentersThe elves fought back for every tree cut down.
Gaea's Embrace, by Paolo ParenteNature versus man, man versus nature, they were determined to show them that this would not be a fair fight.
Titania's Boon, by Val MayerikThe centaurs joined in the fight. Even the pixies helped a little.
Gaea's Bounty, by Stephen DanieleGaea used all her powers to heal the forest...
Blasted Landscape, by Ciruelo...but it was no use. The forest was no more, but a barren wasteland. Urza and Mishra were both there. Their entire armies were both their. Retreat was impossible. There would be only one victor. It was the last day before the end of the world.
Tainted Aether, by Thomas M. BaxaThe Yawgmoth praetor Gix opens a portal and enters Argoth. Either Mishra or Urza will win the war and he is determined to destroy the victor. He has a surprise for the final battle tommorrow...
Bereavement, by Andrew GoldhawkAs Gix walks into the clearing, he sees two elves. He makes sure none see him and if anyone manages to, swift death will come to them.
Retaliation, by Tom FlemingDaylight. Right before Urza and Mishra's sides were to attack, Gix approached. He used his Phyrexian powers to make every Yotian soldier, sentinel, clay statue, transmogrant, dragon engine, and any other machine go berserk and attack anyone and anything in sight. Mishra ran through the chaos, determined to find his brother. Urza ran into a tent where Mishra confronted him. Mishra pulled out his ankh and tried to slice away at Urza's neck. "Mishra, stop! You want my mightstone? Here, take it!" shouted Urza. "You think that's what this is about? Hah. This is to teach you for everything you've ever done to me!" Mishra said coldly and then tried to attack Urza.
Endoskeleton, by Mark TedinUrza used his powers to cause a huge fireball directly to Mishra. The fireball was devastating. When the smoke went away, instead of seeing Mishra's rib cage, all that was their was gears. Mishra died long the hands of Phyrexia. Urza vowed to take revenge upon the Phyrexians and used the ancient cylex to destroy everything that he had created. There, hundreds died...including Urza. But, Urza had control of the two halves of the powerstone, and there, he lost his mortality and became a planeswalker. Urza told Tawnos he had to get away from this place. Tawnos was put in stasis and there he stayed for five years. Later, Urza came back for a brief time and woke Tawnos from his stasis. He told him to tell his wife, Kayla bin-Kroog that he was dead. However, Tawnos told the truth to Kayla, and she wrote the complete collections of the war in a book entitled The Antiquity Wars. At last, there was silence in Terisiare.
Reprocess, by Mark TedinOn the Fourth Sphere of Phyrexia, the Fane of Flesh was releasing a creation only the Phyrexian Ineffable could think of.
No Rest for the Wicked, by Carl CritchlowIn the Fane of Flesh, vat-priests were creating Phyrexians in human skin. They looked human, sounded human, even believed they were human, but Phyrexia controlled their mind.
Priest of Gix, by Brian DespainMany say the idea was from the praetor Gix's worshippers, and how the humans, piece by piece, became machines. Yet they were never compleat.
Sleeper Agent, by Randy GallegosThese sleeper agents were to be put on different worlds and observe. Then, when the time has come, Phyrexia's forces will come and take over. The sleeper agents were all controlled by the creator of Phyrexia, Yawgmoth...except, Xantcha (pronounced Zan-cha).
Victimize, by Val MayerikWhen Xantcha's traitorism was discovered, she was marked for execution.
Rain of Filth, by Stephen DanieleLuckily, Urza saw the seemingly human woman about to be killed by monstrous looking creatures so he saved her. With Xantcha as Urza's guide, he finally found the home of the people who destroyed his brother. Welcome to Phyrexia.
Swamp, by John AvonUrza could feel the thick rain of oil on his face. This was a plane of total darkness and unspeakable evil.
Urza's Armor, by rk postWith Urza in his special armor, he rode on his colossal dragon that he built and destroyed his way through the First, Second, Third, and Fourth Sphere of Phyrexia.
Phyrexian Tower, by ChippyXantcha was looking for her "heart" which was taken away from her when she got out of the vats in the Fane of Flesh.
Ill-Gotten Gains, by Greg StaplesShe said the praetor Gix sent her and the Phyrexians guided her to wear the "hearts" were kept. It was said that for everything a Phyrexian did wrong, Yawgmoth would damage their heart, and if they had too many flaws, they would die. Of all the lies in Phyrexia, Xantcha was still sure this was true. As she looked around, she noticed many of the hearts were dimming. Urza was actually doing serious damage to Phyrexia!
Corrupt, by Vincent EvansWith her heart in her clutches, Xantcha ran out of the tower. She looked up and saw a huge hole torn through the Spheres...Urza's handy work. She saw that even though Urza was still alive, Phyrexia's reinforcements had arrived. The Phyrexians began to pile up and up and as Xantcha looked at Urza she saw the unthinkable: Urza was bleeding...hurt...and could be dying at any moment. Xantcha ran to him, "Urza, Urza! We need to get out of here fast!" Urza used his weakening powers to get him out of Phyrexia. "Yawg—" he said, "No!" yelled Xantcha, "Never ever say the Ineffable's name! "Yawg—!" choked Urza. "He can hear you no matter where you are! Never speak of his name again." said Xantcha. And then there was darkness.
Planar Birth, by Adam RexThe planeswalker Serra had created her own artificial plane. There, she would lead the people and angels in the plane to follow grace and law. Clerics and healers would keep the plane from wounded, sickness, and evil. It was nearly a perfect plane.
Plains, by Rob AlexanderThe white mana-based plane cosisted of several plains and meadows flying through clouds. The single sun would always be in sun set and everything would be as Serra put it, "its most perfect state of being." However, things changed when Urza and Xantcha were saved from Phyrexia's clutches by the planeswalker Serra.
Serra's Sanctum, by CirueloUrza was badly wounded from the attack on Phyrexia.
Presence of the Master, by CirueloUrza said that the person with him, Xantcha, had to be healed too. Serra called forth her angels to go find her and bring her back.
Serra's Sanctum, by CirueloUrza was badly wounded and Serra granted Urza the time to rest and heal. It took five years for Urza to fully heal.
Congregate, by Mark ZugAs Urza began to heal, the angels brought Xantcha back to Serra's Sanctum.
Healing Salve, by Heather HudsonXantcha, too, was healed.
Worship, by Mark ZugUrza and Xantcha were given a tour of Serra's realm by the creator herself, Serra.
Befoul, by Pete VentersPhyrexia had finally located Urza's location and began to invade! Finally Urza put everything together: Serra's realm, like Phyrexia, is an artificial plane, unlike Dominaria. Phyrexia's plane is ancient and Yawgmoth is forced to be in continuous rest just to keep its existence. Natural planes can exist almost forever, and Dominaria is Phyrexia's prime target!
Expunge, by Christopher MoellerHundreds of angels began to attack the horrific evil in front of them. Serra asked Urza why he wasn't doing anything to help, was he insane?!
Absolute Grade, by Jeff MiracolaThe angels defended themselves as long as possible, but in the end, the Phyrexians proved to be too powerful.
Pacifism, by Randy GallegosHundreds of Phyrexians and angels were killed and some Phyrexians took prisoners of war. Urza told Serra "Fight? I cannot. I do not care whether I live or die, so long as I can rest." Finally, the battle was over. Urza did nothing, and hundreds were lost on both sides.
Remembrance, by Val MayerikSerra fled when she saw the devastation. Her realm was in ruins, with too much evil in it to ever repair it to it's previous condition. Urza and Xantcha left soonly thereafter to Dominaria. There, they would warn of the iminent Phyrexian invasion.
Persecute, by D. Alexander GregorySomewhere on Phyrexia...the Serra's realm archangel Radiant had lost Lady Selenia in the war. Everyone is sure she died in the attack. However, she will probably become free eventually...
Unnerve, by Terese NielsenSeveral centuries later, Xantcha and Urza lived peacefully in Dominaria. Xantcha had worried greatly about Urza being "insane" and decided that Urza can never defeat the future Phyrexian threat until he has finished his past with Mishra. Xantcha looked high and low in the town and found the slave Ratepe. He seemed remarkably similar to Mishra as described in Kayla bin-Kroog's The Antiquity Wars. She bought him and gave him back his freedom if he'd live with "Urza" and her for one year. Almost two years later, many small fights were braking out between two different clans. Xantcha detected that the "Red Stripes" clan consisted mainly of sleeper agents. Meanwhile, "Mishra"/Ratepe and Urza worked on a project that involved an artifact known as the "screaming spider" that when the Null Moon's light hit from directly above, would make all Phyrexians be knocked down by the very powerful sound which was too high to hear by human beings. Xantcha was planting the spiders all over the city and as she went deep inside the Red Stripes' lines and into a crypt she saw him.
Oppression, by Pete VentersIt was the one and only Yawgmoth preator Gix! "Do not presume to speak for yourself" Gix said to Xantcha. Xantcha was no match for the 7500+ year old praetor...possibly not even Urza was. She however, managed to get out alive and in one piece, but she was sure Gix knew of Urza's plan.
Darkest Hour, by Heather Hudson"Yawgmoth spent eons wrapping Phyrexians in human skin" Xantcha said, "They are the sleeper agents, and they are everywhere." Apparently so. As the Null Moon was directly over head people came out of their houses, moaning and screaming, unaware of their Phyrexian origin. Xantcha was far in the distance, but she detected something. Gix. Urza came from seemingly nowhere. "I detect him too." he said.
Breach, by Greg StaplesGix transported to Koilos, the secret heart of the Thran. Urza met him there, along with the 19 year old Ratepe and 3000+ year old Xantcha. Then and there, Urza and Gix would fight, to the death. Urza had almost the powers of a god, for he was a planeswalker. Gix however, was almost twice Urza's age and lived in the most evilest place in the multiverse and one of Phyrexia's most compleat constructions. After a quick turn in Urza's favor, fate had shifted, and Gix was gaining. If Urza could just afford a moment more time...Xantcha and Ratepe knew what they had to do. They got in the way of Gix and Urza got the time he needed. In a final blow, Urza killed Gix. Yet, Xantcha and Ratepe died also. Their essence would always be inside of him, living in the powerstone. Urza would go back in time and stop Phyrexia. Xantcha and Ratepe will be waiting...but so will Gix.
Island, by Donato GiancolaAfter the defeat of Gix, Urza left for the island of Tolaria. He knew he couldn't protect Dominaria forever from Phyrexia and he needed other wizards to help. So he found a master wizard by the name of Barrin.
Tolarian Academy, by Stephen DanieleTogether, they helped build and found the Tolarian Academy. Barrin would teach hundreds of different young wizards and teach them to let their powers become stronger. Urza banned all adult visitors to guarantee there would be no sleeper agents among them. It was forbidden to work on any means of time travel device except for Urza.
Barrin, Master Wizard, by Michael SutfinBarrin made a great teacher. (Later, Barrin was the father of Hanna, teacher of Ertai, and is living a long life of over a thousand years and going strong)
Academy Researchers, by Stephen DanieleThe Academy had a collection of many books and protected the library with fire prevention spells.
Stroke of Genius, by Stephen DanieleAfter hundreds of failed experiments with time travel, Urza learned that common silver passed through the portal undamaged by the time travel effects. Immediately, he began to sketch out designs of a golem made of such metal.
Brand, by Donato GiancolaUrza created a glyph especially for Karn to signify his role in time travel. Urza wanted to go back to the time of the Thran and learn what they did to stop the Phyrexians from invading.
Karn, Silver Golem, by Mark ZugFinally the silver golem Karn was complete. Urza installed Xantcha's "heart" into Karn to let "him" learn.
Arcane Laboratory, by Stephen DanieleUrza and Karn worked together on several experiments, especially time travel.
Temporal Aperture, by Michael SutfinEven with all of Urza's help and Karn's ingenius design, Karn could only travel back in time a mere two days.
Sunder, by Stephen DanieleUrza used his powers beyond the safety limit to try to go back in time. The machine, not as powerful as Urza, exploded and caused fluxes in time all over Tolaria, making it difficult to find, and with packets of space where time went slower or faster than normal. Half of all the wizards died, but Karn saved nearly three dozen lives. Barrin and Urza were no where to be found.
Exhaustion, by Paolo ParenteThe aftermath of Tolaria was severe. B.E.S. (Blue Environmental Suits) were created to examine these fluxes in space by the remaining wizards. Later, Barrin came back, and once again, the academy classes were back in session.
Acidic Soil, by Scott M. FischerSlowly Urza went through the land of Shiv. This place was the home of dragons, viashino lizard people, goblins, wurms, and strangely enough, fire ants.
Thran Quarry, by Michael SutfinUrza saw Thran metal in a remote region of Shiv. He was determined to go there and study it for any secrets it may hold.
Bravado, by Jerry TiritilliWhen Urza reached the location he noticed the lizard viashino all over the place. He asked to be taken to the one in charge. The viashino bey, Fire Eye, wanted to know why he should let a mere human into the site. "We drive dragons from our home. Why should we fear you?" he asked. Urza gave him a small demonstration of his powers he learned as being a planeswalker. Without further questions, Fire Eye let Urza into the "mana rig".
Thran Turbine, by Brian SnoddyUrza looked at the giant machine and asked what it does. The viashino answered "it hums."
Shower of Sparks, by Christopher MoellerUrza discovered the mana rig made Thran crystals or powerstones. The only powerstone Urza had ever seen was the one the Mightstone and the Weakstone were before they split in half. With that much power and an unlimited supply of powerstones, Urza would create a collection of artifacts he would call the Legacy. Someday, someone would use it to take down Yawgmoth, and with him, Phyrexia.

Artists' Credit

Claws of Gix (Henry G. Higgenbotham), Fertile Ground (Heather Hudson), Crosswinds (Randy Elliott), Exploration (Brian Snöddy), Hidden Ancients (Daren Bader), Forest (Anthony S. Waters), Mobile Fort (Mark Tedin), Hidden Guerillas (Christopher Moeller), Greater Good (Pete Venters), Gaea's Embrace (Paolo Parente), Titania's Boon (Val Mayerik), Gaea's Bounty (Stephen Daniele), Blasted Landscape (Ciruelo), Tainted Æther (Thomas M. Baxa), Bereavement (Andrew Goldhawk), Retaliation (Tom Fleming), Endoskeleton (Mark Tedin), Reprocess (Mark Tedin), No Rest for the Wicked (Carl Critchlow), Priest of Gix (Brian Despain), Sleeper Agent (Mark Tedin), Victimize (Val Mayerik), Rain of Filth (Stephen Daniele), Swamp (John Avon), Urza's Armor (rk post), Phyrexian Tower (Chippy), Ill-Gotten Gains (Greg Staples), Corrupt (Vincent Evans), Planar Birth (Adam Rex), Plains (Rob Alexander), Serra's Sanctum (Ciruelo), Presence of the Master (Ciruelo), Sicken (Ciruelo), Congregate (Mark Zug), Healing Salve (Heather Hudson), Worship (Mark Zug), Pacifism (Randy Gallegos), Remembrance (Val Mayerik), Persecute (D. Alexander Gregory), Unnerve (Terese Nielsen), Oppression (Pete Venters), Darkest Hour (Heather Hudson), Breach (Greg Staples), Island (Donato Giancola), Tolarian Academy (Stephen Daniele), Barrin, Master Wizard (Michael Sutfin), Academy Researchers (Stephen Daniele), Stroke of Genius (Stephen Daniele), Brand (Donato Giancola), Karn, Silver Golem (Mark Zug), Arcane Laboratory (Stephen Daniele), Temporal Aperture (Michael Sutfin), Sunder (Stephen Daniele), Exhaustion (Paolo Parente), Acidic Soil (Scott M. Fischer), Thran Quarry (Michael Sutfin), Bravado (Jerry Tiritilli), Thran Turbine (Brian Snöddy), and Shower of Sparks (Christopher Moeller). All rights reserved.

Copyright © 1998 - 2014 and Matthew Manley